Imagine all airports would use the same syntax for their web addresses (URLs): Their name, city and/or their IATA code with the new domain suffix .airport!

  • lax.airport

  • dulles.airport

  • ohare.airport

  • heathrow.airport

  • dubai.airport

Imagine airports would automatically own the appropriate other domains (but pay only for one of course): 

  • ohare.airport

  • chicago.airport

  • ord.airport

The Internet user would be enabled to identify the "real" airport website among all the search results in Google. The search engines would receive a clear signal which one the original airport website is, as all registrants in the .airport namespace would be authenticated by airport organizations and only airports can register .airport domain names. In a few cases several airports share one metropolitan IATA code, and/or the city name:

  • NYC = New York City = JFK & EWR & LGA

  • BER = Berlin = TXL & SFX

  • LON = London = LGW & LTN & LHR & STN

  • MOW = Moscow = SVO & DME & VKO

In many cases these airports are already collaborating; and have a joined website (e.g. or In other cases they might easily find an arrangement for a shared splash page. In the few cases the airport organizations of one city won't agree to a solution the .airport registry will (free of charge of course) set up a neutral website which offers the Internet user links to the offcial web presence of the involved airports. Obviously without the explicit agreement of the other affected parties Luton would not be eligible to register london.airport. The .airport namespace will be managed - to make sure the needs of the airports but especially the travelers are met.

Currently there is no "system" in airport web addresses:

  • (should be sfo.airport, sanfrancisco.airport)

  • (unrecognizable, should be lax.airport, losangeles.airport

  • (recognizable but long. Should be doha.airport, doh.airport, qatar.airport, hamad.airport)

  • (similar to - but doesn't use the IATA code "den". Should be denver.airport, den.airport)

dotAIRPORT, LLC is a U.S. based public benefit, non-profit entity owned by a sizeable number of airport industry constituents (airports, airport associations, etc) and will apply for the new gTLD .airport in 2020 at ICANN.  .airport domains will only be available to authenticated registrants: airport operators. There will be no scam, spam or abuse in the .airport namespace.  Airports will finally be able to take control over their website addresses and the web traffic they currently lose to the many search engine optimization specialists trying to lure the Internet user to an unofficial airport website.

For more information please send an email to or call +1(202)684 6806