dotAIRPORT – Domain Names for Airports

Trust, Safety, Intuitive Visibility

dotAIRPORT, LLC will submit an application for the domain extension  ‘.airport’. Internet domain names like ‘‘, ‘www.lax.airport‘ or ‘www.heathrow.airport‘ will become available to the relevant airports by 2022.

dotAIRPORT, LLC (founded 2017, a U.S. company) will be an airport industry stakeholder-group funded, owned & governed, public-benefit, non-profit effort to secure the domain extension ‘.airport’. All domain name owners will be authenticated by relevant national airport associations or authorities. ‘.airport’ domains will serve as trust label to airport visitors aiding the Internet user to more easily & intuitively identify official airport websites; thus creating trust, safety and visibility: an intuitive link between airports and their visitors.

Once ICANN awarded us ‘.airport’ (presumably in 2022) each airport may obtain up to ten ‘.airport’ domains at no cost (with a requirement to match the airport name or city it’s serving). Until claimed by the respective airport all city, IATA-code and airport-name based ‘.airport’ domain names will already go online at day zero; displaying an automated website providing the link to the airport’s official website; thus providing from day one a homogeneous user experience; independent from the actual state of adoption of the ‘.airport’ domain extension by the airport industry. Frequent flyers will start to simply type in ‘www.cityname.airport’ or ‘www.IATAcode.airport’ and will either see the official airport website or a link to it; thus a taxonomy is being established which will make the airport industry look extraordinary organized.

For more information please send an email to or call +1(202)684 6806

Member at Airports Council International - North America

Member at Airports Council International - North America